Sunday Post – 2nd April 2017


This is part of the weekly meme over at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer, where book bloggers can share the books and blogs they have written.

It’s been a rather roller-coaster week. Last Sunday was Mothering Sunday and we were invited to my daughter’s for a lovely meal, where the pic was taken of all us mothers. We had a wonderful time – plenty of delicious food and lots of laughter and good company.

Meanwhile, Himself and I are getting used to life without his snoring. He is coping brilliantly with his sleep mask – me… less so. I find it difficult to cope with the quiet and keep waking up in a panic, all set to thump him, when I hear the machine whistling and realise he is breathing, after all. So right now, I am very tired.

My Creative Writing classes finished this week – I can’t quite believe the Spring Term is now over. I’ve now completed the editing phase of my major rewrite of Miranda’s Tempest and have started releasing it to my trusty team of beta-readers, who are aiming to have their readthrough completed by the end of the Easter break, bless them.

This week I have read:

A Crown of Wishes – Book 2 of The Star-Touched Queen series by Roshani Chokshi

Gauri, the princess of Bharata, has been taken as a prisoner of war by her kingdom’s enemies. Faced with a future of exile and scorn, Gauri has nothing left to lose. Hope unexpectedly comes in the form of Vikram, the cunning prince of a neighboring land and her sworn enemy kingdom. However – he is a very cunning prince of a sworn enemy kingdom…
Another wonderful magical story in the best classic tradition – rich, lush and beautifully crafted. A real treat and an ideal Easter read if you are looking for something suitably rich to read while nibbling on your favourite chocs.


Mrs Pargeter’s Public Relations – A Mrs Pargeter Mystery by Simon Brett

It is her characteristic generosity rather than her love of animals that finds Mrs Pargeter supporting her friend, Jasmine Angold, at a charity reception for PhiliPussies, whose worthy aim is to rehabilitate stray cats from the Greek island of Atmos into caring English homes. But the evening is to have unexpected consequences. At the event, Mrs P is taken aback to meet a woman who claims to be the sister of her late husband, the much-missed Mr Pargeter. This surprising encounter leads to unwelcome digging into past secrets, the discovery of a body in Epping Forest, an eventful trip to Greece – and unexpected danger for Mrs Pargeter. In the course of her investigations, she learns the true nature of charity and the dubious skills by which Public Relations can make evil look good.
This is another book that was released during this week and I thoroughly enjoyed this welcome change in pace and genre. An enjoyable and charming mystery that is an ideal holiday read – and the fact that I crashed in mid-series didn’t matter a bit.


Occupy Me by Tricia Sullivan

A woman with wings that exist in another dimension. A man trapped in his own body by a killer. A briefcase that is a door to hell. A conspiracy that reaches beyond our world. Breathtaking SF from a Clarke Award-winning author. Tricia Sullivan has written an extraordinary, genre defining novel that begins with the mystery of a woman who barely knows herself and ends with a discovery that transcends space and time. On the way we follow our heroine as she attempts to track down a killer in the body of another man, and the man who has been taken over, his will trapped inside the mind of the being that has taken him over.
I love Tricia Sullivan’s writing – she is an awesome talent who takes the genre in amazing directions and when I saw this one on the shelves, I was delighted. It is a real treat in a year of marvellous books.


My posts last week:

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NEW RELEASE SPECIAL Review of A Crown of Wishes – Book 2 of The Star-Touched Queen series by Roshani Chokshi

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NEW RELEASE SPECIAL Review of Mrs Pargeter’s Public Relations – A Mrs Pargeter Mystery by Simon Brett

Interesting/outstanding blogs and articles that have caught my attention during the last week, in no particular order:

Tough Travelling: Beginnings This the restart of what looks like an excellent meme that will be running for the month and I enjoyed Wendy’s choice of books.

Alternate Writing Resources It’s always intriguing to see what resources other writers use – and Richard has a useful clutch here – some I know, and others I don’t, but will be hunting down.

Women of Genre Fiction Reading Challenge – 1st Quarter check in This is very similar to the Discovery Challenge I run throughout the year and it is interesting to see how fellow book-blogger, Tammy, is getting on.

Lessons Learned in Writers’ Music from the Rolling Stones: Don’t Misunderstand Your Villain Jean always has interesting things to say – and this is another well written, enjoyable article.

Five Fascinating Facts about Vampire Fiction Yet another excellent, informative post from this superb site.


Thank you for visiting and taking the time and trouble to comment – and may you have a wonderful reading and blogging week.

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  1. LOL, yes if my husband stopped snoring after 30 + years (29 married) I would not be able to fall asleep. Glad he is handling the mask. My hubby can’t even wear a snorkel mask without freaking out.

    • Yes… I am adapting slowly – but still feel shattered. Himself is doing really, really well. But the Sleep Clinic doc did say that he would need to make the mask his new best friend… And he is so much more peaceful and sleeping so soundly, it is definitely helping.

  2. You’ve read some great books – I definitely want to read Occupy Me.
    Isn’t it ironic that you now can’t sleep because of the lack of snoring – you need a snoring tape to help you catch your beauty sleep. Glad to hear that your other half is doing well with the sleeping mask.
    Lynn 😀

    • Yes… the irony hasn’t escaped me as there were nights when the snoring used to be so loud, I used to get up and go downstairs to work. Oh yes – I recommend Occupy Me – it’s a storming read.

  3. Oh gosh I would have trouble sleeping as well. Its tough when you get so used to something and then its gone! Hopefully you are able to adapt quickly and get some rest!
    Have a great week!

  4. Your visit with your daughter for the Mothering Sunday sounds wonderful, Sarah! I love that idea. My mom is in town this week, with her dog. Hopefully you will get used to the quiet at night and be able to sleep. I confess to checking on my daughter sometimes to make sure she is still breathing. I used to do it more when she was an infant. The threat of SIDS much more real when she was younger. I am glad to hear you enjoyed A Crown of Wishes. I still need to read the first book.

    I hope you have a great week!

    • Yes – it was a lovely, lovely day:). Yes… I used to regularly check on the children AND grandchildren when they were very little – but I didn’t realise I did the same thing for my husband.
      If you do get a chance to read The Star-Touched Queen, I do recommend it. Thank you for swinging by:).

  5. Aww, Mothering Sunday sounds like it was wonderful 🙂 But I’m sorry you’re panicking so much about the quiet sleeping :-/ I can imagine that would be hard to get used to, but I’m sure you will eventually, and then it’ll be better sleep for everyone. And now I’m off to check out that post about vampire fiction since I love vampire books!

    • Thank you for your kind sympathy, Kristen. Yes – we should both of us be a lot better of after getting used to the massive change. I hope you find that post enjoyable – Interesting Literature regularly produces a stream of really good articles.

  6. Occupy Me certainly sounds interesting. Other dimensions and premises like that usually get my attention. 🙂 And glad Himself was able to get treated for sleep apnea, but I can see where that would wreak havoc with your sleep initially as you adjust. Hopefully that gets better soon!

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    • Thank you, Greg:). I’m starting to adapt, but it is taking a bit of time. And I do thoroughly recommend Occupy Me – Sullivan is a remarkable writer. I hope you, too, have a great week.

  7. I’ve seen nothing but praise for A Crown of Wishes. I absolutely adored the The Star Touched Queen so I will need to find time to get to this one soon! Also happy to hear the sleep mask is working, but hopefully you can get used to the quiet soon! And thanks for the shout out! 🙂

    • Oh yes – if you enjoyed The Star-Touched Queen, you’ll love A Crown of Wishes:). Thank you for your kind good wishes, I finally seem to be getting used to the quiet, thank goodness:)

  8. You have been a busy girl, girlfriend. Your “term”/semester is over?!? I have five more weeks and several marathon grading sessions to give everyone time to write enough to “bring up their grades.” I have had one non-traditional (we are not allowed to call them “older students;” that is not politically correct) unable to walk and am having to do several weeks via e-mail, phone, and snail mail. Hopefully she will be able to complete the term and get credit for the course. Another, only 47, has been under such stress, she had a stroke (I swear, I was not the one stressing her out!). After two weeks in the hospital and a week of rest at home, she returned to class last Wed. Fortunately, the other students were meeting in their blogging groups and posting etc., so I worked with her individually, catching her up and planning a “strategy” for writing her final paper. Her major is Human Fitness and Performance, and this is probably the only writing course she will have to take. She only needs a C to not have to re-take the course. I see her making a B with help from the writing center, but she is “hoping” for an A or A-. Good luck with that!!

    • My goodness, you are far more enmeshed than I am! I teach adults and the year only runs for 30 weeks. So the summer term will run for 8 weeks and starts the 3rd week in April and will be over by the end of June. But to be honest – I couldn’t fit in much more, given my writing commitments. Best of luck with your recovering student – and hope that she gets a bit more realistic about her grade.

  9. That’s a lovely pic! Glad to hear you girls had a great time!

    OH Himself got a sleep mask! my husband did too about a decade ago. It was a before and after moment that changed our lives forever! 🙂 It takes time to adjust but then.. PARADISE! Occupy me sounds just hallucinating! Can;t wait to read your review 🙂

  10. It seems you’ve had quite a nice week, minus the panic of waking up. I hope you’re going to get used to it. I can somewhat relate: when I moved over to Arizona, each time the heating kicked in during the night, I’d wake up in panic. It’s not loud, but I tend to wake up at all the unexpected noises.

    • Oh, that must be a pain. Fortunately, sleeping alongside Himself’s thunderous snoring for years means that once I do drop off, I tend to sleep very soundly.

      • Oh, I usually do too. I think my brain processes the sounds as I hear them on the “unusual or possible threat”/”not a threat” basis, and I only wake up when it’s something out of the place – for example, if I heard footsteps by the door, or something similar. And since after a while my brain got used to the heating, so it’s not bothered by it anymore. 🙂

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