*NEW RELEASE SPECIAL* Review of KINDLE ebook Split the Sun – Book 2 of the Inherit the Stars series by Tessa Elwood


Yes, I managed to do it again – begin with the second book in the series… So has it impacted on my understanding and enjoyment of this fast-action, foot-to-the-floor adventure?

splitthesunThe Ruling Lord of the House of Galton is dead, and the nation is in shock—or celebrating, depending on the district. Kit Franks would be more than happy to join him.
Kit’s mother bombed the digital core of the House, killing several and upending the nation’s information structure. No one wants the daughter of a terrorist. Kit’s having dreams she can’t explain, remembering conversations that no longer seem innocent, understanding too much coded subtext in Mom’s universal feed messages. Everyone, from Mom to the rebels chasing her, has a vision of Kit’s fate—locked, sealed, and ready to roll. The question is, does Kit have a vision for herself?

As it happens, this time around I’ve got away with it as Elwood has shifted the action and focus on a completely different protagonist to those featuring in her first book Inherit the Stars. This book is all about Kit, who has had a hard time of it – the only person in her life who saw fit to spend time and energy on her upbringing has recently died. And on top of that, her mother has just been revealed as the perpetrator of a catastrophic attack on the city, killing dozens and inflicting ongoing damage on the systems used to run and control the administration necessary to run everything.

Kit finds herself the centre of attention – and not in a good way. The book starts with her attempting to fling herself off a building. Needless to say, that doesn’t happen. But the story then takes us on a roller-coaster ride as Kit is harried by events and folks who want information out of her – and in amongst all the fighting and fleeing, she has to discover who she is and what she wants.

Elwood’s writing is intense and Kit’s spiky persona pings off the page. I had originally intended to pick this one up, read a few pages and then settle down to sleep. Except I didn’t – the Kindle just wouldn’t leave my hands as I continued pressing the pages to discover what would happen next. Elwood’s ability to interweave Kit’s dysfunctional past amongst all the mayhem falling on her head is impressive and had me fiercely rooting for her. While romance isn’t normally my thing, Elwood handles the unfolding relationship between Kit and Niles really effectively so this doesn’t suddenly transition into a soft-focused lurve story after being a fairly gritty adventure – a transformation I personally hate. Kit’s growing attraction to Niles isn’t the centre of her existence, and something she tries to put into context, not surprising given everything else that’s going on around her. I was initially a bit concerned about Niles, but grew to like him more and more as the book progressed, which is a testament to Elwood’s writing skill. I’m generally immune to buff and endearing love interests…

My one grizzle – and it is normally a dealbreaker – is that the conclusion is slightly fumbled. The non-stop action needed to slow down just a tad more at the end in order to allow the reader to fully catch up with the events that wrapped up the storyline. However, I’ll even forgive Elwood this – she has written a cracking adventure tale set in the far future with an engaging enjoyable protagonist and took me with her on the action-packed journey. Great stuff!

Receiving a copy of Split the Sun from the publisher via NetGalley has in no way affected my honest opinion of this book.

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  1. You seem to do that quite regularly, start with the second book ;). I am always so afraid I miss something I rarely start with a later book. It’s a good sign when you plan to read a few pages and then end up reading much more than planned. Too bad about he ending being slightly fumbled, but it sounds like a great action packed read!

    • I know… I know… *hangs head in shame*. I’m not a particularly organised reader – but I don’t intend to change as it is my main hobby and I have far too much fun to want to change things up too much. Yes – normally a fumbled ending would be a major problem for me, but this was such an entertaining read it didn’t matter.

  2. Oh. This is new to me. But it’s caught my eye. You know, I find Amazon does not make it easy for readers to know what book number you are looking at. I complain about that all the time.

    • Yes! But I also have to admit that I am a very disorganised reader – I tend to alight upon books as the mood takes me. And often I don’t pay sufficient attention as to whether said book is part of a series and where it comes in that series. There’s also a sense that if you are writing and reading a multi-book series, it should be relatively easy to jump in mid-way through, I think.

  3. I like it when the focus shifts to different characters in a series, as long as they all come together somewhere. This sounds like a good one since you forgave that deal breaker ending:)

    • Yes – and the reason why I may have found the ending rather muddled is that right at the ending, Elwood references the protagonists from the first book apparently. I would like to have seen another book in this series and indeed, another one was planned so this was a trilogy. However, the initial publisher was taken over and the new team aren’t interested in producing another book. A real shame:(.

  4. I have to admit, I’m amazed by your ability to jump in the middle of the series. I’m a more “chronological” reader and I don’t think I’ve ever started anything mid-series. Even with those urban fantasy series in which each book is pretty much stand-alone, I tend to fetch the first book.

    • *sigh* I know… it isn’t good, is it? I am very much a mood reader and tend to pick books up on impulse. If I try to organise my reading in advance, it never works out well, which is why you generally don’t see posts from me informing everyone what I’ll read next, so I have the greatest respect for folks like you who are better organised! Doubtless, you gain more from the books when you read in the correct order:)

      • I’m not super-organized when it comes to books – as you, I rarely plan what I’ll read next as it depends on my mood. I’m only very adamant on starting series from the beginning.

      • Nope. Can’t seem to get that one to stick:). Having said that – it’s surprising how many series I crash into and find I don’t have a problem sorting out what’s going on…

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