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Sunday PostThis is part of the weekly meme over at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer, where book bloggers can share the books and blogs they have written.

Again, this has been a far less frenetic week. I finally completed the line edit on Netted and sent it off. 100_5156Yay! Fingers crossed that it meets with approval… Fitstep and pilates classes are going very well – I’m 100_5166delighted to find I continue to be able to do exercises which a year ago, I couldn’t get near. Himself and I went for a lovely walk last Sunday and were inspired to repeat this during the week, while still enjoying the amazing weather. These pics were taken last Tuesday morning during a wonderful walk along the beach.

On Thursday, Mhairi came over again and spent the day. During the evening we attended the West Sussex Writers monthly talk, given this time around by the awesome Ben Galley who came to tell us all bengalleyabout self-publishing. He took us for a brisk gallop through how to get hold of effective editors, demystified the process of buying and using ISBNs, gave top tips on how to get the best out of a cover artist – along with a slew of facts and figures on the advantages of going the indie route. As he has successfully published two fiction series, a how-to book, a graphic novel and four children’s books, as well as running a consultancy on self publishing, he was very well placed to answer all the questions asked about the subject. It was one of the most informative talks we’ve ever had at West Sussex Writers. To round it off, Caron Garrod – one of my students – read out her winning entry in the WSW Novel Opening Competition judged by Jane Lythell. It was a marvellous evening.

This week-end I’m grannying again as the children are once more with us – it great to be able to see them on a regular basis, so we get a chance to catch up on how they are getting on at school. As well as keeping tabs on their latest hobbies and enthusiasms – it all seems to change so much at their age…

This week I have read:
Counterpart – Book 2 of the Machinations series by Hayley Stone
Commander Rhona Long understands survival better than most. Killed in combat, she was brought backcounterpart to life using her DNA, and she’s forged a new, even more powerful identity. Now the leader of the resistance, she’s determined to ensure the machines are shut down for good. But victory is elusive. The machines have a new technology designed to overcome humanity’s most advanced weaponry. Despite Rhona’s peacekeeping efforts, former nations are feuding over resources as old power struggles resurface. Worse, someone inside the resistance is sabotaging the human cause—someone who, from all appearances, seems to be Rhona . . . or her exact replica.
This gripping apocalyptic adventure has produced the most interesting, nuanced examination of what it means to be a clone that I’ve read in a long, long time.


Knights of the Borrowed Dark by Dave Rudden
knightsoftheborroweddarkDenizen Hardwick is an orphan, and his life is, well, normal. Sure, in storybooks orphans are rescued from drudgery when they discover they are a wizard or a warrior or a prophesied king. But this is real life—orphans are just kids without parents. At least that’s what Denizen thought. . . On a particularly dark night, the gates of Crosscaper Orphanage open to a car that almost growls with power. And on the journey Denizen discovers there are things out there that by rights should only exist in storybooks – except they’re all too real.
I really enjoyed this gripping children’s book, where the knights are skilled in magic and sword fighting, but traumatised and battle-weary and thirteen-year-old Denizen is suitably chippy. And we are never allowed to forget that violence and revenge exact a very high price…


So Many Boots So Little Time – Book 3 of The MidAdventures of Miss Lilly by Kalan Chapman Lloyd
Small-town lawyer Lilly Atkins has calmed down. She’s doing yoga, her hair is relatively tame, and she somanybootshasn’t shot anyone in a while. But with bad boy Cash Stetson out of rehab, former FBI agent-turned-attorney Spencer Locke dogging her steps, and a ghost from her past who just won’t go away, her trigger finger is starting to itch.
This offering is a real change of pace and genre for me – something I felt I needed. The emphasis on clothes and looks was slightly exasperating and I hadn’t appreciated just how much of the plot was devoted to Lilly’s love life. That said, it was a charming, light-hearted read that put a smile on my face.


Penric’s Demon – a World of the Five Gods novella by Lois McMaster Bujold
penricsdemonOn his way to his betrothal, young Lord Penric comes upon a riding accident with an elderly lady on the ground, her maidservant and guardsmen distraught. As he approaches to help, he discovers that the lady is a Temple divine, servant to the five gods of this world. Her avowed god is The Bastard, “master of all disasters out of season”, and with her dying breath she bequeaths her mysterious powers to Penric. From that moment on, Penric’s life is irreversibly changed, and his life is in danger from those who envy or fear him.
I’m a massive fan of this author’s writing – and this is a treat. I loved this one – classic Bujold. And the best news of all – there’s another novella in this series which is on my TBR list waiting for me to get to it…


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Interesting/outstanding blogs and articles that have caught my attention during the last week, in no particular order:

Five Interesting Facts about Samuel Pepys Those marvellous folks at Interesting Literature came up with yet another fascinating article.

Reading in Bed
An ongoing problem in my life…

Writers, Please Eat a Snickers and Chill the Hell OUT – Sincerely Writers Kristen Lamb calls time on the unpleasant, ranting behaviour on social media

Keeping Children Safe With Technology – Wanda Luthman warns of a new, worrying development that can cause havoc in the wrong hands – Burn Note

Many thanks for visiting and taking the time and trouble to comment – and may you have a wonderful reading and blogging week.

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  1. Your Writers Monthly talk sounds informative. Congrats on finishing the line edits.

    Your books look tempting, especially Counterpart, but they are a departure for me. Enjoy! Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

  2. Nothing like a nice beach walk to soothe the soul, i always say. A nice day with the sun on the water always makes me feel better.

    Counterpart sounds very interesting- I happen to be reading a book about clones at the moment too although it’s a YA read. Love the subject!

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    • Thank you Greg. Yes – I totally agree about the beach walk… and of course you are only a hop and a spit away from a lovely beach, aren’t you? Yes… I was very impressed with Counterpart. What is the book about clones that you are reading? Have a great week, Greg.

  3. I love the picture on the top right lol. And that’s awesome that you’re improving and able to exercises that you couldn’t do last year! Also, that talk you attended sounds amazing! It does sound like that man really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to self publishing, that had to be so informative and interesting.

    • Ben’s a great speaker with loads of can-do energy, and really knows his subject, which was really helpful. Yes… such sunny weather went to both our heads and we were mucking around down on the sand, so I caught Himself in the act:)). I cannot believe the weather for the time of year.

  4. Congrats with finishing the line edit for Netted! I can’t remember if I’ve asked before, but what is that story about? And what genre? (Speculative fiction of some kind, I’m assuming?)

    Love those photos of you and the husband on the beach, btw. Isn’t it great to still have some spectacular weather days in the fall? We had one this weekend on Cape Cod, which was great timing, since my parents finally had their housewarming party on Saturday. So guests could go out on the new stone patio and enjoy the afternoon if they wanted.

    • Yes, it’s been an AMAZING autumn – still so warm… I cannot recall such fabulous weather. Netted is post-apocalyptic science fiction set in Maine in an isloated community where neural nets are used to monitor Community members’ behaviour. Your family party sounds great – it really makes all the difference when the weather behaves itself, doesn’t it? Have a great week, Sara and thank you for your interest and kind comments:)

  5. What a marvelous week you’ve had. Mine was full too–full of good things except a Fri. visit to the Pain Management Doc where I brought home some pain. Ha! I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon (Mon.) so that should even things out or at least smooth them over some. I did post my Sunday (Evening) Post at but didn’t get it posted until Monday morning. Don’t tell anyone! Ha!

  6. My fingers are crossed that Netted meets with approval. You must be relieved to have the line editing done. Your walks sound lovely. My view on walks isn’t nearly as nice, I’m afraid. It sounds like you had a great week and weekend overall. I know my mom and in-laws wished they lived closer so they could be more involved with my daughter. My mom is planning a visit the beginning of next month. It’ll be good to see her.

    I hope you have a great week, Sarah!

    • Thank you, Wendy:). We’re blessed to live in a lovely part of the country with plenty of beautiful scenic walks within easy distance and I’m delighted to now be fit enough to start enjoying them once more. Yes, it was a busy enjoyable week. I’m glad your mother will be visiting next month – it’s always great to touch base with mums, isn’t it? And she’ll then get to spend quality time with her granddaughter – always a joy:). Hope your week also goes well, Wendy:)

  7. Sounds like things are going well. Glas you got through line edits and exercise is going well. Keep up the great work! 😀 Have a great week.

  8. Congrats on finishing up the edits for your book! Looks like you had a nice walk this week at the beach. That monthly talk about indie publishing sounds informative! I hope you’re having a good week!

  9. Wooohooo! Edits done! You deserve a reward (or at least a gold star 😉 ).
    I don’t plan to have children (being more of a teacher than a mother type), but I do like to read about people enjoying the company of the little people. I hope you had a lot of fun with them.

    • They are so much fun! Oscar was busy working on his homework, which of course he cannot hope to tackle without a lot of adult imput. I feel very strongly that 6 year olds should have homework, other than reading to parents. Making a Tudor house out of a box is more of a project to test parents’ designing abilities than a small child.

      • Agreed. Though on the other hand it does get parents involved in the teaching process. As long as it’s fun together, not “mom doing it alone”, it might not be that bad. But a Tudor house?! O.o

      • My ongoing worry is that it also widens the gap between the parents who can and the parents who can’t… Which directly impacts on the child’s learning opportunities at an age when s/he can do nothing about it.

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