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Friday Faceoff – Wee Sleekit, Cow’rin, Timorous, Beastie


This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This week we are looking at covers featuring wee beasties… I have chosen The Crystal Prison – Book 3 of the The Deptford Mice Trilogy by Robin Jarvis, one of my daughter’s favourite readers when she was a schoolgirl, a lifetime ago…



This version was produced by Chronicle Books in 2002 and shows the full menace of the wicked rat Jupiter who has been terrorising those poor mice…



This version produced by Acorn Digital Press in 2012 is closest to the edition Rebecca owned back in the  early 1990s and is a striking image of the poor little mouse about to pounced on, with those outstretched claws poised to attack… This is my favourite offering. I love the clever perspective and there is a real sense of menace, while the slightly cartoon drawing gives a clue that this is a children’s book.



I can’t find any details about the date and origin of this cover, but I think it must be a fairly modern edition and my guess would be that it was British, with the corruscating light flickering across the cover and not a mouse or rat in sight. Eye-catching and attractive though it is, it doesn’t give a real feel of the flavour of the story in any way, other than it is fantasy.