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The Versatile Blogger Award


This is disgracefully late. Very sorry Ana, of Ana’s Lair who kindly nominated me for this award longer ago than I care to think. Do swing by her blog, she writes insightful, articulate reviews with a cool cover gismo over the spoiler issues that you have the option to remove should you wish.

versitle-blogger1I’ve decided to get all rebellious in my old age and give seven facts about me and then nominate four other excellent bloggers. If you feel I should have also nominated you and I didn’t, then feel free to hop aboard – you’re fabulous anyway – you love books!

1. I’m a confirmed insomniac and often write and work until 3 am and gone. Fortunately, I don’t have to be up with the lark, but I can get by quite happily with 3-4 hours sleep a night and then every 10 days or so, will catch up with an unbroken block of sleep for about 8-9 hours.

2. When living in Somerset some thirty years ago, I learnt to ring church bells. I gave up when pregnant holytrinityls_11003_1304679121_498with my daughter and didn’t resume, but one magical New Year’s Eve (I think in 1982) I got the chance to ring out the old year and ring in the new. One of my most treasured memories.

3. I HATE wearing glasses – I became a specky four-eyes after spending far too long in front of a computer screen and carry glasses wipes everywhere so they stay as clean as possible.

4. I love the night. As a child, I used to retreat to the walk-in storeroom off the kitchen and sit amongst the sacks of potatoes and carrots without the light on, so it was absolutely dark and play in there. The pictures in my mind were so much more vivid…

northbrookcollege5. I’m just about to start my eighth year of teaching Creative Writing at Northbrook College – which I cannot quite believe… Where does the time go? It’s the best job in the world and I have the loveliest students – I’m missing them and looking forward to catching up with them all when we start back in a fortnight.


6. Favourite food – avocado pears. I recently became vegetarian and so have undergone major changes in my diet.

7. I was born on a Wednesday, both my children were born on Wednesdays and my granddaughter was also born on a Wednesday. The catch is that’s the child full of woe, according to the old nursery rhyme!

I’m nominating four people – but do feel free not to respond as I know they can stack up:-
Richard M Ankers – https://richardankers.com/
Richard is a writer who produces a stream of quirky, excellent micro fiction, as well as writing novels. If you haven’t already visited, check out his site.

Gods and Storytellers – http://mhairisimpson.com/
Yes, I know she’s a great friend, but I wouldn’t be nominating Mhairi if she wasn’t also a great writer of interesting articles on the difficult task of being highly creative.

Jo at Mychestnutreadingtree – https://mychestnutreadingtree.wordpress.com/
Jo produces a steady stream of reviews, all well written and intelligent. She particularly features women’s fiction and psychological thrillers and I’ve come to look forward to reading her articles even though I don’t often read the books she reviews.

DJ at Mylifemybooksmyescape – https://mylifemybooksmyescape.wordpress.com/
DJ’s blog features reviews and excellent author interviews, along with essays mainly about science fiction and fantasy. If you enjoy the genre, then drop by, it’s worth visiting.

Have a wonderful week-end and many thanks for dropping in:).