Friday Faceoff – Lady in Red


This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This week I have decided to go for a quirky science fiction series, EarthCent Ambassadors by E.M. Foner. The Spy on Union Station is the fourth in this series – see my review of Date Night on Union Station. There are two options of this cover, admittedly somewhat similar, but they are both eye-catching and rather fun.



This offering was published by Paradis Pond Books in 2015. It is certainly eye-catching and gives a sense of being on a space station. The sexy siren at the bar does tend to give the impression that this book is a lot more explicit than it actually is – in fact although there is a love story running through it, the dating encounters tend to be an excuse for a series of farcical events which had me sniggering quietly throughout.



I’m not sure when this version was produced, but this is definitely the current cover. The two figures have been flipped around, the font has been changed and the scene at the bar has been enlarged. I think I prefer the first one, but as they are quite similar anyway, there isn’t much in it. What about you – which is your favourite?

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  1. I think I like the first one a bit more too. I like that it gives the feel as it’s inside a ship or station or something. That gives me the sci fi feel.

  2. Oops, premature enter on the keypad.

    You guessed correctly about the thumbnail being a problem, the covers just weren’t designed with the postage stamp images in mind. I wrote up the evolution of the covers on my website:

    And I’m still open to changes. I have discussed with the cover designer creating a large (horizontal) image which could be sliced into 10 covers, but it’s a back burner projects at this point.

    And thank you for reading the books:-)

  3. I guess I’ll be the one with the unpopular opinion: the second one! 🙂
    Mostly, because the frame around the first one is too thick and it looks like it was made in MS Paint. 😉 While in the second one, the picture is enlarged and it gives me a much more tidy feeling, while keeping the sci-fi vibe (it’s both in the title and in the image – I also like that the background window behind the android had been “cleaned up”).

    • Yes… you’d notice those details, given your background in gaming and graphics. And when Foner popped across, he did make the point that the original didn’t work all that well as a thumbnail.

      • I also happen to have a very artistic husband who is even pickier than me when it comes to art&design (though his specialty is character design, not cover art) and his insightful comments teach me a lot. 🙂

      • How lovely to have someone gifted in the visual arts as a partner:). I have an artistic sister-in-law and one of the best days I ever spent was wandering around the Tate Modern gallery in St Ives with her when we went on holiday together.

      • Oh, a great way to spend time with your sister! My mom is an art historian, so we did the same whenever she visited Dublin or I went to Poland.
        As for an art-savvy partner… In this case it’s lovely until you take him clothes shopping. “These earrings are plain ugly!” “This design is horrible!” etc. Thankfully, he has no opinions on books, so I can get whatever I want. 😉

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