Friday Faceoff – Our Four-Legged Friends


This meme was started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This week I have decided to go for an animal theme, featuring one of my favourite authors. Megan Lindholm, aka Robin Hobb, wrote the cracking duology The Reindeer People – see my review here. These are some of the covers for the first book.



This offering was published by Unwin in 1989. I think it is beautiful and accurately reflects the feel of Lindholm’s world.



This version was produced by in 2001, though I don’t know who the publisher is as Goodreads merely says it isn’t available. Whoever designed the cover did a really good job, in my opinion. Again, it gives a sense of what the book is about while being attractive and eye-catching.



This is the latest edition of The Reindeer People, published in 2011 by Voyager. It is the starkest cover, with a very simple font and an ungarnished image of reindeer, doubtless in consideration of the thumbnail necessary for Kindle books. It is certainly adequate, but doesn’t have the detail or beauty of both of the earlier covers.

My favourite is the first one, which I think absolutely captures the book while also providing a beautiful cover – though I’m sure it would not reduce to a thumbnail particularly well. Which is your favourite?

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  1. Ah, some Robin Hobb that I haven’t read! 😁 I’m going to have to choose the second cover and disagree with your choice this week, sorry! While I’m not particularly a fan of the top and bottom parts, there’s just something about the middle with the cloudy background and Wolf silhouette in the full moon that catches my eye. 😊

  2. I like all of them!! The first one really captured my attention but then the second looked really cool too. The last one is probably my least favorite because it only depicts the reindeer.

  3. I like all of them, too! There’s something beautiful about each cover. But I understand your preference for the first cover, for its mysticism and sheer amount of detail.

    I’ve never heard of this book before, either. Is it influenced by Native American or Eskimo cultures?

  4. I like them all (thought the 3rd slightly less since it feels a bit too generic – I love its design though) and I find it interesting how they depict the changes in the cover design over the decades. 🙂

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