Friday Faceoff – Which Witch is Which?


This is a new meme started by Books by Proxy, whose fabulous idea was to compare UK and US book covers and decide which is we prefer. This week’s topic is covers featuring witches or witchcraft. And for me it had to be this book: Witch Week – Book 3 of the Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones , which should be FAR better known. If you like the Harry Potter series, then you’ll love Chrestomanci’s world.

All three covers are British. This first offering is on the book that I own, published in 2000 by Harper Collins. It’s okay, featuring the main protagonists but doesn’t have the darkness or the quirkiness of this memorable book.


This next cover was produced by Greenwillow Publishing back in 1997 and far more captures the darkness and sense of threat that runs through the story. There is also a nod to the enigmatic enchanter who is in charge of all things magical within the worlds, which I like.


But this is my favourite by a long country mile.


I love the bright boldness of the colours and the wonderful curling font. I reckon Harper Collins nailed it with this vastly improved effort, featuring Chrestomanci himself in the foreground, with all the additional quirky characters and events popping up in and around the title. What do you think?

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  1. I couldn’t choose, I love them all, and Witch Week is one of those books I borrowed over and over again from the library when I was a wee thing – it’s my favourite DWJ. (It edges out Dogsbody cos Dogsbody makes me cry…)

  2. Oh, I’m glad someone else loves the book as much as I do! I’ve shared them with Frankie, who also loves them and am looking forward to Oscar getting just a little older, when he, too, can be introduced to this wonderful world:). Thank you for swinging by Jo:)

  3. That final cover is very like my cover of DWJ’s Charmed. I loved Howl’s Moving Castle. I should probably check out this series.
    I actually kind of like No.2 – just something about the darkness and the angle of the picture.
    But, I do love your choice.
    Lynn 😀

    • Thank you:) And I do agree with you, the second cover has a lot going for it. Oh, if you loved Howl’s Moving Castle, then do track down the Worlds of Crestomanci series – I know it’s written for children but I read it as an adult and absolutely loved it.

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  5. I agree the third one is really bold, in a good meaning of the word. It catches attention with color, typography, and style. To me, the first two are more focused on telling it’s a children’s book, while the last one wants to say: it’s such a cool book before indicating the target audience.

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