Weekly Wrap-Up – 1st May


Weekly Wrapup

This is part of the weekly meme over at the Caffeinated Book Reviewer, where book bloggers can share the books and blogs they have written.

It’s been a really busy week. My course at Northbrook is now settling down, so the flurry of admin will now ease up, thankfully. I was also rushing around, getting organised in order to zip off for a few days to stay with my mother. It’s always lovely going to visit her, but the big bonus this time around is that my sister is over on one of her rare visits from the south of France, where she lives. We had a fantastic few days catching up together and nipping off to the shops. I needed to arrive back today in order to give Himself a lift to work. But all the packing (which I loathe!) was absolutely worth it!

I’ve read three books this week:
The Snare – Book 1 of Star Wars Adventures in Wild Space by Cavan Scottthesnare
This is a children’s book that Oscar chose for Book Week, attracted by the fact it is set in the Star Wars world, but features two children whose parents have fallen foul of the Empire. We zipped through it last week-end when he came to stay, as he was desperate to discover what happened next. I shall be reviewing it in due course.





A Rruralaffairural Affair by Catherine Alliott
This contemporary romance was a complete change of pace for me – and not an entirely successful one, so I will not be reviewing it. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening pages and, indeed, the first two-thirds was engrossing and took off in all sorts of unexpected directions. Then I realised who was going to end up with whom (it is, after all, a romance) and read on, hoping I was mistaken and I wasn’t. Not the author’s fault that I found the ending a tad flat – more mine for imagining these days that I’d enjoy a straight romance.



Queen of Hearts – Book 1 of the Queen of Hearts Saga by Colleen Oakes
This dystopian, YA take on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is an intriguing, tension-filled read, which is due to be published later this week. So, I’ll be posting my review in a handful of days.




sjhigbeefinalWhile away, I’ve been reading through my own ebook Running Out of Space on the Kindle, checking the formatting and looking out for any more mistakes. It’s been really helpful looking at the text in another format and I’ve found a handful of niggling issues which I’m pleased to be able to fix before publication.







My posts last week:
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Teaser Tuesday – Queen of Hearts by Colleen Oakes

* NEW RELEASE SPECIAL* The Star-Touched Queen – by Roshani Chokshi

Review of The Executioner’s Heart – Book 4 of Newbury and Hobbes Investigations by George Mann

Friday Faceoff – Like One, That on a Lonesome Road featuring Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris

Obviously being away has impacted on my blogging output and reading – but I’m hoping to catch up this week. The weather this week has slid into manic mode, with most days swinging from bright sunshine through to sudden and very cold flurries of hail, sleet and actual snow. Happy May Day everyone and many thanks for reading my blogs – and an especial Spring thank you for those of you who have gone to the trouble of commenting. Have a great week everyone, and let’s hope that sometime soon, we get to have the sunshine without the snow showers…

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  1. Welcome back! I now what you mean. I have to catch up with my blogging as well. Good to hear your course is settling down. Happy May Day to you too! I hope you enjoy your books and your time with your mom and sister. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time spent with your mother and sister….it’s always nice to have a break from the routine.

    I’m curious about Queen of Hearts….glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing, and have a great week.

    • Thank you! I miss my sister enormously and while I’m very grateful that I can now Skype her regularly, it’s not the same. As we’ve grown older, we find we really want to spend more time together. Yes… the Queen of Hearts is definitely an interesting one.

  3. It must have been lovely to have time with your mum and your sister. It’s tough when family lives a long way away and you can’t get together as often as you’d like.
    I’ll be looking out for your review of Queen of Hearts, I can’t decide whether it’s one for me or not so your review may help me make up my mind.
    Hope you have a good week full of books this week.

    Here’s my weekly wrap-up post:

  4. I love your new look blog – your husband has done a great job on the new header pic:). Thank you – yes… I’ve never lived close to my mother since the 2nd year when I was married to my first husband. And I also am a long way from my sister and I find as I get older, I mind about it more and more…
    Yes… Queen of Hearts is one that I think will divide people. While I enjoyed it, there are some issues. Hopefully the review is honest and will give you a better idea of whether it’s one for you. Have a great week, Hayley – all the best with the specialist and thank you for visiting.

  5. First of all, what a wonderful picture!

    Secondly, sounds like you had a pretty busy week! Hopefully mostly good kind of busy, though.

    It’s a shame you didn’t enjoy the second book. I tend to run from romance like the devil from the cross so I am not one to judge. Do you usually not review books you did not like?

    Hope you have a great time and that the weather settles down!

    • Thank you! I took the pic a couple of summers ago and felt the need to splash the sunshine around a bit, given the dire weather right now! No… I generally don’t review books I don’t like, mostly because I don’t bother to finish them. But this one wasn’t badly written or poorly executed – it simply turned out to be more of a romance than I’d first thought. And as a sci-fi fan I get SO fed up with people saying ‘Of course I don’t like science fiction’ when they don’t seem to realise how many shades of sci fi there atually are, so I didn’t want to commit the same sin by prefacing a fairly tepid review with the words, ‘I don’t like romances,’ because as long as there isn’t TOO MUCH romance, I can quite enjoy them.

      • Ah well that makes perfect sense.

        Now I get it – I would not rate a book I had not finished either, I don’t think it would be fair. I would probably still review the bit I read, though.

        As a policy I always finish books.

        Hooray for Spring!

  6. I’m with you, the weather can improve any day now. After a promising start to spring it’s been rain y and cool here most of the week. Anyway… it sounds like you had a lovely visit, that’s always nice. Happy May Day to you as well! Hope you have a wonderful week. 🙂

    • Thank you Greg. Have a great week – though so far, the weather has decided to be a real party-pooper. Not a surprise – it is Bank Holiday Monday!

  7. Glad you and your mom had a nice visit. I love the image you used today for the Sunday Post. It has been raining and cloudy here all week and it made me smile! Hope the week ahead brings you joy!

    • Thank you Kimba:). I took the pic a couple of summers ago at Highdown Gardens, set in the chalk hills just behind the coastal strip where I live. We visit there very regularly as they are beautiful and full of butterflies and insects. And right now, I am craving any memory of sunshine without a snow shower! Many thanks for your kind wishes – and for your effort in hosting the meme, which must be a great deal of work.

  8. That sounds great that you got to spend some time with your mom and sister 🙂 It’s not the packing that’s the worst though, it’s the unpacking 😉

    That Queen of Hearts book sounds great, I’m gonna go look it up!

    • lol… I’ve decided the world is split into two types of people, packers and unpackers. I cannot ABIDE packing, but I actually enjoy unpacking:). Yes, the Queen of Hearts is an interesting read.

  9. I’m thinking of reading Queen Of hearts. I’ll be sure to check out your review. Glad you had some family time. Sounds like fun. My mother is coming down for the summer in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait!!

    My Sunday Post

  10. I hope you have a fabulous time with your mother when she comes to stay – and that the weather behaves itself:). In the meantime have a great reading week and many thanks for swinging by.

    • I think it’s a great use of the franchise – no way would I have been able to persuade him to have anything other than another wretched sticker book if I hadn’t spotted it was a Star Wars-based story. I’ll be reviewing it in due course!

  11. So glad to hear you had a great weekend with your mom and your sister! And I don’t think I’ve heard of Queen of Hearts. It sounds really interesting, so I’ll definitely check out your review of it when it posts.

    And I really like the flower photo at the beginning of this post. We’re in for a dreary, wet week here that we’d typically have in April, not in May. So it’s a lovely pop of color for a gray Monday. 🙂

  12. I use the same photo on my Facebook page – it gives me a slice of sunshine on ALL the grey, rainy days – ours isn’t wonderful, either. Thank you – glad you like it and hope you have a great week.

  13. Sounds like you had a great trip. Especially since it was such a busy week.. hanging with the people you love definitely always works! 😉
    Have a great week and Happy Reading!

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