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20 Hilariously Odd Titles of Genuine Books

20 Hilariously Odd Titles of Genuine Books

After the day from hell – my new computer monitor induced the MOTHER of all migraines – this article actually managed to make me laugh… So I had to share it with you!

Interesting Literature

The funniest book titles from the world of publishing

Occasionally, when we lift our noses up from our dusty tomes here at Interesting Literature Towers, people ask us, ‘What’s the best book you’ve come across in your research?’ Okay, they don’t ask it all that often. Picking a best book would prove difficult (though we’ve compiled some of our favourite book recommendations here), but probably the one that’s made us laugh the most is Bizarre Books, a compendium of downright ridiculous but genuine books and their laughable titles. The sort of books that will make you wonder how they ever got published, and who thought the title might be a good idea (though to be fair, some of them have been the victim of language changes which the original publishers could not have foreseen – Grimm’s Tales Made Gay, for instance). Edited by Russell Ash and Brian Lake, Bizarre…

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