Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Historical Settings I love!


Another awesome offering by Lizzie Baldwin – her top 10 favourite historical settings… What are yours?



Hellllllo readers, hope you’re well! I’ve been reallllly loving writing these posts for you and sharing all of my bookish-loves, and today’s really works for me because historical fiction is my favourite genre of fiction. Don’t get me wrong, I love most genre’s but this one, there’s something about it that I can’t help being drawn to. Today’s list is Top Ten Historical Settings You Love and I am so excited to share these with you – without delay let’s delve into history.


Couldn’t really miss this one out could I? I tend to love alllllll books written around this time, ie Pre WW1. There’s something about this period that just speaks to me, tales of the Suffragette movement, the mass Labour movement, new unionism it all fascinates me.


Fiction Set During World War One

As you can imagine if I love pre-war fiction pretty sure I love…

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  1. I tend to gravitate toward WWII stories. I’m not sure why, since what happened then was horrific (and wars are already horrific enough, but that one especially… *shudders*), but the last three books I’ve read of that era have blown me away (The Book Thief, All The Light We Cannot See, and The Nightingale).

    But…. I honestly can’t say I have favorites, though historical eras in more exotic cultures like ancient Egypt, India, and the Far East often catch my eye. The only time period I hesitate with is the UK’s Regency era. It might depend on the book itself and when it was written. I appreciate Jane Austen’s work but had a hard time understanding the language of the time. But I also struggled with Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, and that was a more recently published novel…

    • WWII is a major source of fiction, isn’t it? I thought this was a really interesting blog post and I shall be producing my own in due course:). I do enjoy Regency – but if it’s any consolation, I also trudged through Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and FAR preferred the TV dramatisation to the book! I’m now more than halfway through Days of Blood and Starlight and am thoroughly hooked!

      • I actually never watched the TV show. Hmmmm… I wonder if it’s still OnDemand through my cable company…

        Oh good! Very happy to hear that about Days. 🙂

      • Oh do check it out if you can – the TV show is fabulous and very true to the book, but far better at pacing, in my opinion.

        Now finished Days. Yep. You’re right – those final twists at the end have me totally hooked – thank goodness I have the third book sitting by the bed, waiting for me to dive back into that world!

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