10 Weird Literary Phobias and Manias for Book-Lovers

10 Weird Literary Phobias and Manias for Book-Lovers

I came across this quirky article on the Interesting Literature blog a couple of days ago – and wanted to share it with you… Are there any among you who are biblioniomaniacs, like me??

Interesting Literature

Unusual words about literature every book-lover needs to know

Previously we’ve considered some essential words book-lovers should know; one of the book-words we coined, bibliosmia, has even found its way into other corners of the internet, albeit in a small way. (See also this Amazon discussion about the word and the phenomenon it describes; it also appears to have become a semi-popular hashtag on picture-sharing sites.) Since we came up with ‘bibliosmia’, anyway, we’ve uncovered lots of other weird and wonderful words relating to writing, reading, and other book-related activities and experiences. Here are ten of our favourites.

Alogotransiphobia denotes the fear of being caught on public transport with nothing to read.

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