Stormtroopers March


Freezing sleet, frost, snow
flinging forward an icy arch.
Winter’s army is on the go…
Watch the stormtroopers march!

Water freezes in the blast –
set in a cruel film of ice.
While rime-coated grass
yellows in the crusted vice.

Birds huddle – feather-ruffled heaps
of shivered misery – on bare branches.
As spear-sharp winds make it weep,
the bruised sky howls and blanches.

Car sliding on rinked roads
perform slo-mo comic dances.
Or become coffins – as their loads
of late commuters take chances.

Freezing sleet, frost, snow
flinging forward an icy arch.
Winter’s army is on the go,
watch the stormtroopers march.

Frosted car bonnet-4

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  1. I just pictured the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back, with The Imperial March playing in the background. 😀 This is a fun play on the season that some of us dread so much, and the dangers it can bring. I hope winter hasn’t been too terrible where you live…?

    • Up to this week it’s been eerily mild – but the last few days have been a whole lot colder. But the catch with the mild weather was the rain. We were very lucky here to have the river bank raised so Littlehampton hasn’t been worrying about flooding. Now it’s frosty we have had the first sunshine of the year. What about you?

      • Uneventful so far. It’s been milder than usual (this past December was Boston’s warmest on record), so we’ve had more rain than snow. It’s early in the season, though. By this time last year, we hadn’t had a lot of snow – and then February happened, and we had our snowiest winter on record. You never really know what to expect here… :S

      • All our Spring flowers were blooming and the birds were starting to sing mating calls it was so mild. Before the cold snap that is… Weird weather, huh?

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