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Increasing Discoverability – The 2016 Challenge


This thoughtful post from Joanne Hall reminded me that female authors often struggle to get their work reviewed – even the best of them them… I shall also be also having a go at this challenge and posting my results throughout the year. Anyone else is very welcome to join in!

Joanne Hall

In 2014, and again in 2015, I decided to see if I could read at least twelve new-to-me female authors, and possibly review them to share my discoveries. I’m continuing the trend into 2016 because I think there’s still a need for it, because reviewers and good friends of mine have confessed that they still read far fewer women than men, because a recent Facebook post I read asking people to list their five favourite FEMALE SFF writers was crammed with replies like “Mark Lawrence” and “Brandon Sanderson” and because some idiots complained that Mad Max : Fury Road had too many women in it to be a proper action film…  We clearly still have some way to go *rolls eyes*

It’s not hard, whether you read 30 books a year, or 60, or 100, to make sure you read one book a month by a female author you’ve never…

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