My Reading List in 2015 – Crunching the Numbers


I read for pleasure at the end of a long day, so I don’t ever wade through books I dislike and I certainly wouldn’t dream of writing about them. This year, I completed 121 books, started but didn’t finish another 18 and wrote 108 reviews.

I read 53 books written by men and 69 by women – the sharp-eyed among you will realise that does not add up to

Pile of Books @ Windham library

Pile of Books @ Windham library

121, however there were a couple of books on the list that were co-written by a husband and wife team, so I put them both down on my tally list.

The different categories as follows: 58 were FANTASY reads, including military, urban, paranormal, epic, swords and sorcery, magic and muskets and some grimdark; 29 were SCIENCE FICTION, including space opera, apocalyptic, dystopian, far future, timeslip, near future and military; 9 CHILDREN’s books were invariably speculative fiction of some description – except for a quirky little series I’ve discovered for my grandson which falls into the crime adventure slot; 8 were CRIME, including modern and historical; 7 were YA, which were mostly speculative fiction; 6 were CONTEMPORARY; 3 were HISTORICAL; and 1 was NON-FICTION – which is shameful, really.

I also read a fair amount of poetry, but as I tend to dip in and out of various anthologies and I never review them, I didn’t feel comfortable including those in my reading lists – and the same applies to books on the craft of writing. This year I tried quite hard to read books from authors I hadn’t encountered before, but I only succeeded in finishing 51 and of the 18 I started and didn’t finish, 12 were by writers new to me.

The other statistic I haven’t yet included is that only 17 of the books I’ve read this year were on my Kindle. On one level that’s dreadful, given how many books are stacked up there. But on the other hand – the mountain of print books I’ve got stacked by my bed is reaching ridiculous proportions, so I am prioritising those in the hope that I can get them down to sensible levels sometime during 2016. Wish me luck!

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  1. I don’t know how you do it, Sarah. 121 books read in one year… That’s staggering! Is that more or fewer than last year?

    I was just going through my own reading statistics this past weekend, so I’m planning to share those next week with my favorite reads of 2015 lists. But like you, I read more books by female authors than male authors. And I bet you can’t guess my most read genre of the year. 😉

    • ha ha ha – I’ll take a WILD guess and plump for FANTASY! Thank you for your kind comment – as it happens, I’ve read and reviewed less books this year, when I read 143 books and reviewed 126. But I’ve written and edited a lot more this year – and taken on another major teaching commitment, so it isn’t particularly surprising I haven’t achieved last year’s numbers.

      • *plays victory music* You’re correct! 😉 And really, to read that many books in between all the editing, writing, and teaching you did last year is quite a feat. Kudos to you!

  2. Have you read Colin Wilson’s fantasy series, Spider World? I can’t see why it hasnt become as popular as His Dark Materials for example. It is also crying out for a film version! I’m biased I admit, as CW was/is one of my metors/heroes!

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