Review of EBOOK KINDLE edition An Ancient Peace – Book 1 of the Peacekeeper series by Tanya Huff


If you’ve ever spent any time rootling around this blog (and many of you have – thank you!) you’ll have gathered I’m a huge fan of Tanya Huff. I haven’t yet read anything of hers I haven’t loved. She is crazily prolific and her writing anancientpeacecovers a wide range of speculative fiction – from her humorously wacky Enchantment Emporium series, see my review of the first book here – to her epic fantasy offering The Silvered here – while also revisiting one of her earliest books, Blood Price here. However, another series she has been writing for a long time, featuring Torin Kerr, The Confederation series – see my review of Valour’s Choice here – recently finished and then spun off into a follow-up series, the Peacekeeper series. An Ancient Peace is the first book in that series. Does it manage to sustain the high standard Huff sets in her writing?

The centuries-long war between the Confederation and The Others, a group of violent alien species, is over. Intergalactic peace is finally restored. Torin Kerr and her crew of ex-Marine friends have gone freelance – using their military experience as guns for hire. But this calm equilibrium cannot last. Someone is searching for the lost weapons of the H’san: powerful tools capable of destroying entire planets. Though the H’san gave up fighting long ago, the reappearance of their weapons would no doubt lead to a devastating war. It’s up to Torin Kerr and her team to fix this problem before it explodes. But the more Torin learns about the relationship between the Elder and Younger races, the more she fears war might be unavoidable…

The answer is yes. I haven’t managed to get around to reading all the Confederation series, though I should because I love Huff’s writing, and yet I very quickly got up to speed about what had been going on and why Torin and her gang of misfits were on the mission they found themselves on. Huff writes characters very well. I love the interaction between the group which is built on a number of adventures when they have all been tested in extreme situations. I particularly enjoy the spaces Huff leaves so the reader can come to her own conclusion about what is happening. It’s a neat trick that only a writer at the very height of her powers can successfully pull off, which is probably why you don’t come across it very often. Better still – it’s what we do when we are with people we are comfortable with and know well, so it feels natural.

But Huff also manages tension beautifully, as well. I actually dreamt of the alien dome where the trapped party were desperately trying to find a way out… So when the action kicks off, my heart was racing and my palms were sweating because it really mattered to me that certain folks survived – especially as Huff isn’t afraid to kill off a number of likeable, entertaining characters. All in all, this book is a wonderfully enjoyable read and if your taste runs to military science fiction – and even if it doesn’t – I thoroughly recommend it.

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