Daily Archives: December 17, 2015

Dear Father Christmas, PLEASE can I have…?


This week on the weekly Musing Mondays blogspot at A Daily Rhythm, the questions was: What books are you hoping to get for Christmas? What with one thing and another – it’s been a bit full-one at chez Higbee this last week – I didn’t get around to to answering it on Monday.

But I DO have a wishlist, so here goes…

thejustcityThe Just City by Jo Walton – she is an awesome author. I haven’t yet read anything she’s written that I don’t absolutely love and no two books or series remotely resemble each other in either style or subject matter. Which, in my experience, is really unusual. I haven’t yet got this one, but I DEFINITELY want it!

motherofedenMother of Eden by Chris Beckett – Dark Eden blew me away and wormed its way into my inscape, so I have often wondered about the complex, disturbing world Beckett produced. When I recently realised the sequel was out, I knew it was one of the books I’d HAVE to get hold of – and soon…

The Sirantha Jax series by Ann Aguirre – No… I’m not being greedy. I don’t want the WHOLEEndgame-smAftermath2killbox

 series. I’ve already got the first three Grimspace, Wanderlust and Doublebind – I just want the NEXT three – Killbox, Aftermath and Endgame. They are such fun, full of adventure and excitement – and I LOVE the gutsy heroine.

thecity'ssonThe City’s Son by Tom Pollock. I saw him in action at Fantasycon 2014, discussing worldbuilding on an awesome panel with Kate Elliott and I keep promising myself to track down one of his books – and haven’t yet got around to it. So maybe Father Christmas will help me out…

Ghost Girl by Lesley Thomson. This is the second in the amazing detective series, The Detective’s ghostgirlDaughter. I’ve loved Lesley Thomson’s writing since my mother recommended A Kind of Vanishing – and again, this is one which I’ve wanted to get for a long time, but haven’t got around to.

Um. I think that’s it. For the time being. Although I’m aware there are probably some VITAL books I’ve not mentioned. What about you – are there any books prompting you to write begging letters to the North Pole?