Daily Archives: December 7, 2015

Of course, IMHO, any time is a great time to read — but, if you were forced to choose the best season for reading (in your own opinion), what would it be? Why?


Once more, my plans to share my current reads with you were abruptly jettisoned when I read Jen’s excellent question on her Musing Monday blog this week and decided to answer it.

Some of my very best memories are of reading on holiday, When I was a girl, I lived with my grandparents, who MusingMondays-ADailyRhythmowned a caravan. Summertimes were spent every week-end at their favourite campsite called ‘Solent Breezes’ just outside Southampton, on the coast. It wasn’t the prettiest beach – mainly shingle with regular blobs of raw oil spotting the stones. But the endless procession of ships in and out of Southampton docks kept Granny and Grandpa glued to the binoculars as they identified the ships and wondered where they were headed, or had come from. The fact you can now get an app for your tablet or phone to identify the name and destination of ships, as well as track their progress would have delighted Grandpa, in particular.

I spent hours pottering around the sea shore and learnt the names of shells and seaweeds along the strandline, and increasingly, enjoyed lounging on a towel engrossed in books. Later on, we travelled to France with the caravan and the smell of suntan lotion and warm paper as I toasted myself in high summer heat is a pervading memory that reminds me of long-distant pleasure, heightened by nibbling on slabs of Swiss chocolate…

So I’m wedded to the notion of reading on long sunny days – preferably in the shade these days, though I do love it really hot. However, I’m definitely living in the wrong part of the world – we have had a string of indifferent summers this last decade. At least this year there was sunshine, but it was also often accompanied by a biting easterly. I’m allergic to being bullied by the wind at the best of times, but when it has a definite chill factor so that within ten minutes I’m stiff with cold, then I’ll retreat indoors, where somehow whiling away the day reading seems too sinful, given it is invariably a hectic time of year with the garden in full swing and the grandchildren visiting for extended periods.

While I still hanker for those long, slow summer days where lounging on a recliner drinking in the sun’s heat and reading, the reality these days is I far prefer curling up on the settee in front of the fire as sleet lashes against the window and getting lost in a book…

How about you?