Daily Archives: November 9, 2015

Do you review books? If so, who do you review for? If not, was it by choice? Why?


I was all set to upload yet another book review I’d written, when I came across this ‘random question’ on Jenn’s regular Musing Monday slot and all my plans went out of the window. For those of you who may be mildly interested, this is my 828th post on this blog and a fair chunk of them – well over 500 – are book reviews.

So the answer is, yes – I write books reviews. Who do I write them for? Well, a while ago I started writing a few for MusingMondays-ADailyRhythmthe SFReader site, and then discovered that I really, really enjoy the process of considering a book on paper. That I absorb the book as I read it, though I do read fast, sometimes too fast. But when I know that I need to write about it afterwards, then I have to slow down a little. Consequently, I now find that reading experience is taken to another level when I have to consider it, organise my thoughts into some sort of rational order and write about it.

Those of you who read my reviews will know that I only write positive reviews. The main reason is that if I start reading a book and don’t like it, I stop. Life’s too short and my TBR pile is too crazily high to waste my time ploughing through something I don’t like. I read for enjoyment and escape, it’s my principle hobby so I’ve no intention of going all hair shirt about it. However, I do still take notes and write about WHY I hated a book sufficiently to abandon it, which are all carefully filed on my computer.

Occasionally I’ll get to the end of a book and decide not to review it. Often it’s because I’m absolutely slammed with other stuff that needs doing – but there are a number of books I read where the ending is so bloody lame or hamfisted that it ruins a perfectly good story. Those generally get hurled across the room and I also write about them in language that never sees the light of day on my blog.

So the answer is – it’s all about meeee. I write about books that have excited me because I want to share the fun with others. I still can’t believe – after living most of my life as a passionate reader and regarding it as a solitary affair – the joy of being able to pour out my ideas and feelings about stories with like-minded people. My grandfather would have LOVED to blog about books and I feel privileged to be able to do so.