Book cover reveal for Running Out of Space


Here it is… my cover for Running Out of Space, plus the blurb that a number of you kindly helped me straighten out.


Jezel Campo has yearned to be an officer on her father’s Iberian merchanting ship for as long as she can remember. But serving aboard the Estrella Fugaz is a very different experience from the excitement and adventure she’d always imagined. So Jezel and three friends take themselves off on an unchaperoned jaunt to the lower reaches of Space Station Hawking to prove that young women can also deal with danger – a big mistake.

The consequences of that single expedition changes the lives of all four of them, Jezel’s family – and the blond-haired stranger who steps in to save them from the dregger gang in the lawless Basement Level. And now, Jezel has more excitement and danger than she knows what to do with…

With a following wind, the ebook will be available next Monday 19th October. Running Out of Space is the first in the Sunblinded trilogy, which will be the background to a science fiction crime series I’m writing, featuring my protagonist Jezel Campo as a pan-galactic private investigator.

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    • Thank you for swinging by Della and your words of kind encouragement:). I’m thrilled with the cover and spinning with all the last minute chores that need to be done before I publish Running Out of Space.

  1. Great choice of image! That’s a really evocative shot.

    A small typographical note. You might find it works better to be “S.J.” rather than the gappier “S. J.”

    I’d also be tempted to swap the color scheme so that the title’s in yellow and the author name in silver, with “Sunblinded: 1” in something else (black?) and a bit smaller, perhaps emboldened. The main title is the the thing that you want to have jumping out at potential readers, with the other bits of typography in a subsidiary role.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Ah… Almost one month late, but I finally got here. So, nice cover and congrats on the release (that just happened, right?). I wanted to add this book to my TBR list, but it’s not on Goodreads, is it?

    • It’s not anywhere! I had a major problem with the formatting and a corrupted file. I initially wanted it ready for Fantasycon but as I missed that deadline I figured it would be a good idea to take a deep breath and re gather to make sure it’s absolutely right before going any further.

      • Ah. Sorry to hear about your trouble with the file, but hopefully you’ll get that sorted.
        I’m slooowly catching up with my reading list, so I can put new books on it (and yours deserve a place there!).

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