Shoot for the Moon Challenge 2015 – September Roundup


We are hurtling towards Fantasycon 2015 at breakneck speed. Am I going to get Running Out of Space published in time to have it available as an ebook at the Con?
• Hm. Still not sure. I’ve completed the line edit and now will be handing over to uber-editor and word-wrangler, moonMhairi Simpson to cast her picky, experienced gaze over the manuscript. She has already spanked the Spanish phrases into submission, bless her. I still have the glossary of Spanish words and phrases to compile and the preliminary pages to sort out. The book cover design is being finalised by the awesome Janet Sked and Mhairi has also finessed my design of the logo for Griffinwing Publishing, my self-publishing imprint. It all feels very grown up and exciting. I have a reading slot at Fantasycon on Saturday night, at 8.20 pm, so if you’re at a loose end and fancy coming along to hear a slice of Running Out of Space, you’ll be very welcome.
• Challenge – To have Running Out of Space – Sunblinded: 1 published by Fantasycon. Probably…

• I read 13 books and wrote 11 reviews during September. More or less on target with this one.
Challenge – To review a minimum of 100 books during 2015. In progress…

• The new academic year is in full swing and both classes are settling in well. While the new classroom isn’t quite as convenient or roomy as the previous one, it is large enough and while it tends to be a bit stuffy with the warm autumn sunshine, at least it will be cosier in winter.
Challenge – To strive to make my Creative Writing courses enjoyable and informative for my students.

Inevitably, this month it’s been all about Running Out of Space. I did take the week-end off to go to Bristolcon a couple of weeks ago – which was so worth it. Every year I come away from this friendly, eventfill Con buzzed and enthused from having met so many lovely folks and the panel subjects were outstanding – read about it here.

As for writing – I had a couple of ideas that were rattling around my skull until I got them down on paper, but that only amounted to a paltry 3,500 words. Other than that, it was all about the editing. I wrote just over 6,000 words reviewing books and blogging this month. As I’d expected, the majority of my writing and a fair chunk of time and mental energy went on writing course notes and admin for my teaching commitments, which amounted to just over 15,000 words, bringing my monthly total in September to around 25,000 and my yearly total to date to just over 193,000 words.

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  1. Ahhhh, you’re so close, Sarah! When is Fantasycon again? I know we talked about it a couple weeks ago… It’s sometime in November, right?

    At the very least, you can still read from it at Fantasycon if it’s not ready in time. And if it’s not, maybe you could also have a freebie on hand like bookmarks, postcards, etc. with the cover artwork, release date, the blurb (or something shorter), etc. to give to people so they have the information they need if they want to purchase ROoS once it’s out.

    But it all depends on what you have time for between now and then. And you already sound quite busy! No matter what, best of luck as you make for the finish line. 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind good wishes, Sara:). Fantasycon is at the last week-end of October, so I’m fast running out of time. Realistically, I think I’ll have the book ‘out there’ – and I may be able to have some bookmarks available. I’ve given it my best shot and I’m really pleased with how much sharper it reads – and I was never going to compromise by rushing out the book before I was completely happy with it. Thank you once more for your magnificent effort – it was sooo helpful!

  2. Good luck with your goal! I wish I could go to Fantasycon – I’d love to meet you and listen to your reading, but I have too much to do before the end of the year.
    I’m still impressed with the amount of books you’ve read within a month, I’m deseprately trying to catch up and have been binge-reading a bit (I simply can’t stop at just one book), but I still can’t even begin to compare to you!

  3. Oh it would have been wonderful to actually meet you, too:). Perhaps next year! As for the reading – last month, I didn’t have the children staying over very much which also tends to mean I read more. And my TBR pile is completely out of control. Again…

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