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The Pitfulls and Perils of Being a Reader

The Pitfulls and Perils of Being a Reader

I thoroughly enjoyed Lizzie’s amusing article about the risk of being an avid reader – so thought I’d share with you.


Readers be warned; reading is a dangerous hobby. Yes, you read right, forget base jumping, sky diving and go karting reading is a hobby riddled with potential wobbles, trials and tribulations. Don’t raise an eye brow at me, there are many quibbles that come with being a reader. If you’re still a little confused read on.

(Although I must admit base-jumping, sky diving and go karting are all very dangerous and potential life threatening activities: Be careful out there)

Looking up what you’re currently reading on Goodreads/Twitter/Facebook

*SPOILERS* are alllll over the internet, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can just avoid said spoilers by avoiding certain hashtags or not searching for the book you’re currently reading. Stay away, turn off your phone and stick your head in that book; everything will be okay. I think.

Getting too many books out from the library

Afajgajhjah library fines get me…

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