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POEM – Song of the Starseer


As we all gape at the marvellous photos and amazing discoveries NASA has revealed about Pluto, I thought I’d post this poem I wrote a while ago…

Tell them back home that we’ve made it-
While we speed
through the vast
night of Space
faster than a blur…

Tell how we’ve threaded
through asteroid fields
to gape at the swirling fury
of Jupiter’s Red Spot…

Spill handfuls of dust
from Pluto and Pan
through their fingers,
while spinning tales
of our travels…

For all those still stapled
to our small rocky planet –
still yearning skyward
for escape –
Sing of the rainbow-wrought
wonder of nebulae
and the lethal, taut-edged
awe of event horizons…

As the blinding glare
of Rigil fades behind us,
We thrum to the core
of our atoms
with the beat of being back-
Stardust to stardust.

To all Earth-bound exiles
who’ve bequeathed
of hopeful dreams,
Say that we carry them with us,
glowing white-bright
against the blackness
like the coma of a comet…

Tell them back home that we’ve made it!

Photo of Pluto released by NASA

Photo of Pluto released by NASA