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…as an Author, a coupla things that baffle me about Amazon’s book reviews system…


On this wet, windy Monday morning I thought I’d reblog these concerns Seumas Gallacher raises about Amazon’s current review policy. Does anyone else feel there isn’t a lot of joined-up thinking going on here?

Seumas Gallacher


…sharp as a billiard ball me, sum’times… no question, what’s left of my wee grey cells frequently have difficulty in getting together for a blether… however, I don’t feel I’m entirely bereft of the capacity for logical thinking… which leaves me currently scratching my head as an Author… there’s a coupla things that baffle me about Amazon’s book reviews system… from all accounts, there appears to have been some purging and scorched earth policy in-house recently at the Great God Kindle eBook source regarding reviews from ‘friends’of authors… how draconian is that, Mabel?… most writers are also readers, and may I posit the suggestion that p’raps authors themselves are usually better equipped to pass opinions and reviews sensibly than those who don’t scribble for a living?… of course, tons of non-quill-scrapers are highly intelligent readers who post superb reviews, but my point remains… an Author is more likely to…

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