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My 750th post…


I started this site waaay back in 2009 when someone told me that if I was serious about being a fiction writer, I should have a blog. So I got one.

Sarah writingMy earliest efforts were reflections on some of the quirkier news stories from around the world and I enjoyed writing them. However they took quite a lot of time and effort, and I realised that if I was going to have a hope of building up any sort of readership I’d need to be posting regularly at least twice a week.

Back then, I had a publisher and confidently expected to have my first science fiction book unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. But things didn’t work out. Time slid by and Running Out of Space was mired in editland. Meanwhile the ebook revolution was shaking up the publishing world and eventually my publisher came back with the news she would only be releasing it as an ebook. I decided I didn’t want to proceed with that deal, so we amicably parted company. Family life intervened in a big way and while I never stopped writing and teaching, I didn’t continue submitting my work.

But I did keep going with the blog as I really enjoyed writing book reviews. My main hobby is reading – I love it. It has certainly helped to keep me sane through life’s highs and lows. No matter how dire it gets, I can always open up a book and escape between the covers and when I emerge again, I’m always a bit more energised and excited by a well-told story. And now, I could share that excitement with other like-minded people, who visited my site, read my reviews and comment. I think we forget just what a very recent phenomenon blogging is. The term wasn’t coined until the late 1990’s, although there were a fair number of folks actually engaged in the activity before then. Raised in the era where reviews were confined to newspapers and magazines, the opportunity to share my reactions with an audience from around the world who are interested in the same books – who can immediately comment and respond – still seems miraculous.

It’s taken me a lot longer to get my books ‘out there’ for a variety of reasons. I realised there were technical issues I needed to address with my writing and when I was poised to plunge back into submitting my work, again I was engulfed in some fairly gnarly family stuff that took chunks of my time and energy. I’ve often been frustrated at these delays. But during all that time, I’ve been writing reviews about mostly science fiction, fantasy and crime with occasional forays into other genres as the mood has taken me. I only write about books I’ve enjoyed as I don’t bother to finish those I don’t.

Meantime, I’ve met and befriended a number of people online and had the huge pleasure of meeting some of them at cons. Back in 2009 if anyone had told me that some six years later, I would still be blogging without a book to my name I’d have been horrified. But now, when I reflect on all the people I’ve met through blogging and reading other people’s blogs, I’m glad it’s worked out this way. Many, many thanks for taking the time to read my reviews – and those of you who regularly visit and comment, your companionship during the long solitary hours spent at the computer is much appreciated. Here’s to the next 750 posts…