Daily Archives: May 7, 2015

POEM – Happiness Strikes Back


It’s the near-miss slip
and the just-caught keys
as they head for the slatted drain…
The baby’s coo as she chews her shoe
kick-kick-kicking the air;
scent of rain on drought-baked soil;
the taste of sweat on your
love-slicked skin – these put the spring
in my limbs and make me
hap-hap-happy. Smart and snappy.
All warm and safe inside.

Now I’m not thick or easily tricked –
I know too well that Life’s not fair.
The bed of roses is lined with thorns;
the bowl of cherries slimed with mould…
when family needs more than I’ve got;
bills build and the writing stops –
It’s sun-slit sea and the smell of salt,
the crunch of fresh-picked peas –
Gems of joy that pin the grin
on my lips and make me
hap-hap-happy. Soft and sappy.
All safe and warm inside.

Children on the beach (2)