Daily Archives: April 30, 2015

POEM – What If God?


I wrote this a long time ago, after watching a BBC programme about Mandlebrot sequences. Now, sadly, I think the message is even more relevant…

What if God especially loves numbers?
The clean, cool certitude of wrong and right
that comes of sums… No encumbering
maybes that clutter the messiness of words.

What if God’s chosen few are the likes of
Pascal and Euclid who unlock
ancient questions with mathematical skill
so achingly sharp – they lift
the hair on the nape of your neck?

What if the secrets of everlasting Life
are bound in sequenced equations
with the complex beauty of Mandlebrot?

And if I – figure-fettered and innumerate –
can count on being loved by God,
Then why should any religious quarrel
matter more than the smallest speck
Of nothing?