Daily Archives: April 25, 2015

POEM – Strandlined


Tight-knit knots in my neck uncurl
at the shingled-muttering surf-roar.
Crimped kinks in my mind unfurl
at the tingled-fluttering wind-soar.

Nose pricks at the clean, reaming stenches
of brine-braided weed, stone, broken shells.
Eyes flick over the gleaming, keen trenches
of charging crests, spray, cone-caught swells.

My soul sings with the ceaseless rocking,
diamond-sharp, sparks of sun-slit light.
My heart springs with wildness, shocking
water-weighted fury, anger-frothed fight.

But in the night-wells of a fear-fouled dream
while seized in the roiling hold of a wave,
I am squeezed in the coils of a liquid grave
as gurgling water floods my scream.

Stormy seas @ L'ton (2)