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This is a chance to release your inner voyeur – and sneak a peek into someone else’s bookshelves and reading habits – how good is that? Which is why I’ve decided to reblog it – and will probably do my own version, sometime soon… Enjoy:)


So today I’m sick, sick, sick. I’ve just managed to pull my hacking body out of bed and into the living room and I found this bookshelf tag post on a lovely blog called The Book Coop I’ve been following for a little while and thought it was an adorable post to fill out for you. I’m going to split the answers between my two book shelves. Most of you know that after attending university in Stoke-on-Trent I stayed around, got an internship and have been here the past almost four years now. Many of my books are back in Silvy however the number in my rented room is growing higher each day so I’ll try and work it for both. If you fancy tagging yourself and writing your own book shelf post a comment below or tweet me @littlebookblog1

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1. Describe your bookshelf (or wherever it is you keep…

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    • Hi Sara,
      Thank you for once more, taking the time to comment – it’s a great one, isn’t it? Lizzy is a whizz at unearthing these great book-related activities…

      Yes! I will be taking pics of my book heaps – though there are LOADS of them and this one will take some time to think through and organise, I think…

      • It is! I did something similar last year called the TBR Book Tag, where it asked questions about your bookshelf and reading habits. But its primary focus was books on one’s “to-be-read” list.

      • Hm… I’m a tad wary of revealing what EXACTLY is on my TBR pile – especially these days. My rejection rate is fairly high – and I’d hate to hurt anyone’s feelings by advertising the fact that I read their book and DIDN’T review it. Apart from anything else, there are often other reasons for not reviewing a book, such as simply running out of time…:)

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