POEM – Catching Balls


There’s are balls in my brain –
knotted tangles of thoughts,
dreams, yearnings and ideas.

Some bounce around my skull
with the thudding intent of
alpha-males playing squash.

Some slip through marble-
small and insistent – rolling
through creases in my cranium.

Others spring – beach-ball sized and
multi-coloured – filling my head so
there’s hardly room to eat or breathe.

But these balls only bounce
around my head for so long
before they leap away again.

Gone. With no trace they ever were.

Worse, there are those I caught
and fumbled – their rounded
perfection forever dented.

When I think of all those lost balls –
and the ones I dropped – I am haunted
by the waste. And strive to get
better at catching balls…


2 responses »

  1. Lots of truth in this poem. We’re so busy and so preoccupied with all our projects, responsibilities, etc. that sometimes it’s hard to manage everything – and even more so to take advantage of sparks of inspiration when they flicker in our brains. Although maybe I’m digging in a little deeper than you’d intended your readers to…?

    The point is, I like this one a lot. Nice job, Sarah. 🙂 How did you get the idea for it?

  2. Thank you, once more, for taking the time to comment, Sara… My poems generally are about stuff that really MATTERS to me. And this one HAUNTS me. I have SO many ideas for books… I’ve filled 2 books so far – upwards of 200 ideas. BUT I’ve also had a bunch that have simply disappeared – and when I do thumb through my Ideas Books, I’m shocked at how often I come across an idea that I have simply forgotten about.

    And the ones I’ve just completely messed up… they HURT. So, no… you weren’t digging deeper – you were spot on with this one! I’m glad you like it – I was hoping that some of my writer friends would recognise the feeling and perhaps, feel that same way? What about you? Do you constantly feel you MUST get it right when inspiration strikes?

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