Let’s hear it for the winter-flowering heroes…


Now that the daffodils have fully erupted around here, everything has suddenly got a lot more colourful. But there were also those brave plants who insisted on flowering during the dank months of January and February – and now I’ve finally downloaded the pics, I thought I’d share them with you. The witchhazel, mahonia and primrose all grow in my garden.

Witchhazel flowering1Witchhazel flowering2MahoniaMahonia1Primrose

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  1. Beautiful! Seeing color return to nature is one of my favorite things about spring. Every spring I debate whether I want to put any flowers out on my terrace. I love taking care of them and adding some vibrancy out there, but heat collects there because of the roof overhang (I live on the top floor of a three-story condo / apartment building). So whatever flowers I buy In April or May for the terrace are dead by the end of June. 😦

    I digress. Thank you for sharing these photos, Sarah!

    • That’s a real problem. Do you get much light? Because if you do, there are plants out there that could survive the extremes. Evergreens like the golden choiysia sundance or goldfinger, for instance. They flower in May and the lovely vibrant yellow leaves stay put throughout the dreariest winter… although they would probably need to come inside during the worst of your winter weather. But as long as you water them, they will happily survive a hot summer. And when it rains the leaves give off the loveliest lemon scent.

      • You know, I forgot about that part… The terrace doesn’t get much direct sunlight. It faces the sunrise, so light comes right at it for a few hours. But once the sun reached a certain height, it “disappears” over the roof overhang, and that’s it. That’s probably the real reason why plants don’t survive on the terrace then.

        The sundance and goldfinger plants sound very pretty, though.

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