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Clean Reader? You Can Stick It Up Your Mother-Fudging Bottom….


I generally don’t include lots of naughty words in my blogs. But today is an exception, courtesy of the marvellous Joanne Hall and her opinion on the new Clean Reader app. Her take on this technological intrusion on the author’s right to write is worth reading…

Joanne Hall

Recently it has come to light that a couple of American prudes people have created an app which they’ve called Clean Reader, using the catchy slogan “Read Books, Not Profanity.” (No, I’m not going to link to it – have a quick Google. These numpties don’t deserve the hits).

The app works – I’m vague about how apps actually work, having a Bronze-age phone, but anyway – the app works by replacing the “naughty” words in a text with non-offensive “clean” ones. There are several levels of swear-filter depending on how mortally offended you are by shit, fuck, bugger, damn, Jesus, penis, vagina…

Yes, I’m not kidding. Medical names for parts of a persons anatomy have been deemed by the creators of Clean Bandit Reader to be “offensive” and replaced with the handy catch-all term of “bottom”. Apart from being anatomically wrong, it’s just… bonkers.

Can I say bonkers? Is…

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