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Review of “Slow Lightning” by Jack McDevitt


This is one of my early posts that was only seen by a passing insect… So I thought I’d unleash it once more on an unsuspecting public – mostly because it’s a cracking read. The book, that is, not necessarily the review.


I don’t know quite how it’s happened – but this is the first Jack McDevitt book I’ve read.  This seems a great big black hole in my book list.  Worse – I encountered him by accident.   However, after wandering around the house with a mile-wide grin on my face after completing Slow Lightning, I’m not about to forget him.

slowlightningKim Brandywine, sister and clone of dead Emily, cannot let go of her sister’s ideals.  Despite a thousand years of intensive searching, Space seems dead – other than humankind.  But Emily didn’t believe it, convinced that other intelligent species were out there.  Right up to her final mission, which ended in disaster and disgrace for the returning survivors.  Kim has always suspected that the official version didn’t tell the whole story; and twenty-six years later, finally determines to get to the bottom of what really happened.   Maybe, if she’d realised…

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