Book Review – “Guns of The Dawn” by Adrian Tchaikovsky


Joanne’s fab review of Adrian Tchaikovsky’s latest book has certainly excited me – so I thought I’d share it with the rest of you… Have a great week-end, folks.

Joanne Hall


HB, 658 pages, Tor

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Guns of the Dawn coverAfter the success of the ten-volume insectiod extravaganza of the Shadows of the Apt series, Adrian Tchaikovsky has turned towards more human concerns in Guns of the Dawn, a hefty stand-alone flintlock fantasy.

When the war came, it came first for Emily Marshwic’s brother-in-law. Then it came for her little brother. And now the war has come for Emily.

Emily Marshwic, a woman of good standing, who has kept her family together in the aftermath of her father’s suicide, must take up her musket and her father’s duelling pistols in defence of the realm of Lascanne. The war sweeps her from the ballrooms of manor houses to the swamps of the notorious Levant front, where a ragged line of red-and-white is all that stands between Lascanne and the republican Denlanders who are threatening to…

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