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5 Things You Should Know About: Vine


Abbi’s snappy, useful blog regularly includes lists of 5 facts about social media and stuff we could do with knowing more about – like Vine, for instance… Which is why I’ve reblogged this.

Helicopter POV


1. Founded in 2012, Twitter bought it before it even launched. The app eventually went live in 2013.

2. A video-sharing platform that allows users to edit and upload 6.5s looping videos and to “revine” (share the videos with others).

3. Over 40m users. 57% of all users are female with 18-20 year olds making up the largest part of the demographics.

4. 1 in 5 Tweets contains a Vine link.

5. Brands are really starting to get the hang of Vine especially with recent updates including a “revine counter” which works in similar way to YouTube view counters. The first ever Vine TV ad was made by Dunkin’ Donuts.

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