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Review of Mage’s Blood by David Hair


David Hair is a writer whose name keeps cropping up – and this detailed and readable review of his first book in the series really helped me decide whether to track him down – so I thought I’d share it with you. Thank you, Jessica:)

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Review Written by: Jessica Curtis

Every twelve years a war occurs due to the moon tide drawing back enough that a bridge, the Leviathan bridge, which separates two continents is easy to be crossed. David Hair takes no caution when it comes to his comparisons to the countries portrayed in Mage’s Blood, as it is easy to see that the countries could be the ancient portrayal of the Middle East. Mage’s Blood focuses on the countries settled upon the continents of Yuros and Antiopia/Ahmedhassa, both of which are separated by the mage constructed Leviathan Bridge. Each chapter of Mage’s Blood is dedicated to focusing on the point of view of the main characters mainly: Antonin Meiros, Ramita Ankesharan, Elena Anborn, and Alaron Mercer all of which have key roles and parts in the novel. Starting out Mage’s Blood is a novel…

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