Countdown to “Shadow Study:”Maria V. Snyder Fan Questions and Answers!


As I posted my review of Maria V. Snyder’s ‘Touch of Darkness’ yesterday and she is shortly bringing out ‘Shadow Study’ I thought I’d reblog the post originally on A Bibliophile’s Reverie for all Maria’s fans…

A Bibliophile's Reverie

Click the above cover image, for the forthcoming new novel in the new Study Sequel Series- Soulfinder Trilogy- mysteriously titled Shadow Study!!

Since I re-read Sea Glass a number of months ago, I cannot recall any significant details of the plot, so I will instead be moving forward with a thorough examination of Spy Glass instead next Wednesday. In the intervening weeks until the release of Shadow Study in late February, I will be discussing three of Maria V. Snyder’s novels- Inside Out, Outside In, and Spy Glass– beginning next week.

All throughout these next few Maria V. Snyder Wednesday blog features, there may even be a special giveaway for those that are following these posts on a weekly basis. I have no inkling about just what the contest will involve, but it will most likely involve a Rafflecopter app. of sorts, and winner will be chosen at…

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