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  1. I work at a major corporation so we have a ton of buzz words floating around at any given time. Right now the top three that I’m so sick of hearing are:
    holistic – as in, “Lets have a holistic strategy”
    leverage – as in “We’re going to leverage Maggie to get this done.”
    transparent – as in “In an effort to be transparent, we’re going to post our roadmap.”
    Also tired of hearing the phrase “lets not re-invent the wheel.” 😛

  2. Oh I hate buzz words and I get so tired of sitting in meetings hearing people using these words to make them feel like they are saying something important. Roadmaps, granular, measuring impact (this would be good if the situation was ever feasible) along with stand-up meetings and phased releases I could go on… but the worst is we’re going to change the culture of the company! Oh yes, indeed!

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