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Reading & Snobbism


I thoroughly endorse Anastasia’s sentiments – what a shame that some people choose to use the gift of reading to make others feel inadequate and awkward about their taste in books… Which is why I’ve reblogged her article.

Read & Survive

I hate snobbism. I think it is the destroyer of the culture.

Every once in a while, I encounter a person who says: “You could never understand the greatness of classics because you only read fantasy and science fiction” “You’re just too young (and dumb) to understand War and Peace” ´”I don’t understand adults who read YA. You’re a grown-up, read something more suitable for your own age.” “I don’t see what is the point in reading fiction, after all, you can only learn by reading nonfiction.”“I only read Nobel laureates.”“E-reading isn’t REAL reading.”“Your view of Raskolnikov is really childish.”“Oh, you only read those kinds of books.” “I NEVER dog ear pages, crease a spine, or eat food while reading.”

I think reading is always good. I am a person who reads all possible genres and I don’t care about what people do or do not read.  It drives me…

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