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The Future of Reading: Adapt or Die


Anita raises some important issues for readers and writers here about the use of technology in reading. What do you think?

Negotiating between technology & the written word

Yesterday, when I was tending to the sometimes tedious but other times  interesting task of shelving and filing magazines at my public urban library job, my eyes were drawn to the March 1, 2010 issue of Fortune magazine, wonderfully illustrated by Viktor Koen. Its front page headline touted an article titled “The Future of Reading: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Business of Information”, written by Josh Quittner.

In it Mr. Quittner posits that perhaps all of these tablets, smartphones and netbooks could save and/or destroy newspaper, books, and magazines; in short, technology could save the print industry. He makes a great point that a much younger generation (modeled like his daughter) look for their information to be organized in a way that makes it “instant, sortable, searchable, savable [and portable]”(64). Interestingly enough, exactly what libraries and librarians have been doing with information much longer than the web. A fact that…

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