Superimpose Saturday #12


This cool futuristic idea is now being taken seriously… And I so liked Kirsten’s article about it, I thought you’d like to see it, too. And maybe share your favourite underwater cities in fiction…

The Nerd Nebula

Japan has designed an underwater city! Over-population will be a problem in the near future; and if we can no longer build up; then we must build under:

Infra Spiral and Blue Garden Infra Spiral and Blue Garden

Would you be concerned living in a city under the sea? I would love to visit an under-water city, but with Japan being in the earthquake/tsunami zone; i’m not sure that my stay would be permanent:

Inner Atrium and Promenade Inner Atrium and Promenade

I’m sure the above design was inspired by some of our favorite fantasy/sci-fi water cities. Here are my top 3:

1. Rapture:

Thank you Andrew Ryan for this architectural masterpiece:

Rapture Rapture

2. Otoh Gunga:

On the planet of Naboo the Gungans have some sophisticated bubble buildings:

Otoh Gunga Otoh Gunga

3. Atlantica:

This magical kingdom can be found beneath the Atlantic Ocean. You’d need gills to live there, but hey 🙂

Atlantica Atlantica

Which is your favorite underwater city (it…

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  1. Hi Sara – thank you for taking the time to comment:) They are great, aren’t they? I don’t remember Otoh Gunga, either! I do feel I’m overdue for a ‘Star Wars’ week-end… Perhaps when I’ve FINALLY finished the current novel, as a treat for me. One of the prettiest underwater cities/settlements is the one that appears in the film ‘Abyss’, I think… Have you a favourite underwater world?

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