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Book Review – “Johannes Cabal The Necromancer” by Jonathan L Howard


I really enjoyed this review about a book I haven’t yet read – and thought I’d share it with you…

Joanne Hall


PB, 335 pages, Headline

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jonathan_howard_johannes_cabal_the_necromancer“The Necromancer” is Jonathan L Howard’s debut novel, published back in 2009 and the first in an expanding series to feature Johannes Cabal, our titular necromancer, and his undead-but-charming brother Horst.

We begin with a season in Hell. Hell in this case, being the kind of insane pen-pushing bureaucracy that would give a Vogon squelchy dreams. Cabal has no time for bureaucracy. What he does have is a rather large gun, and a mission – to get his soul back so he can continue his mysterious Great Work. He sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for the powers of necromancy, and now he wants it back.

But the Devil would not be out of place running a Vegas blackjack house, and everyone knows you can never win against the house. He sets Cabal…

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