Sandra Benedetto: Hallmark Christmas Movie Adaptations

Sandra Benedetto: Hallmark Christmas Movie Adaptations

It’s the season of Goodwill and in this reblogged article, Sandra imagines what would happen if said goodwill seeped into some rather grim literary classics…

Drinkers with Writing Problems

1. Emma’s Redemption (adapted from Madame Bovary): After being rejected by her former lovers, Emma sells all of the luxury items that she bought on credit so that she can make a simple but lovingly prepared Christmas Eve dinner for Charles in a gesture of reconciliation. Stars Rebecca Gayheart and Tim Daly.

2. Coming Home for Christmas (adapted from The Mosquito Coast): After going off the grid with his family and becoming a paranoid tyrant, Allie has an epiphany — he knows that he can only make his wife and children happy by returning home in time to embrace a true capitalistic American Christmas. Stars Robert Carradine and Lori Loughlin.

3. Wedding Bells Jingle on the Moors (adapted from Wuthering Heights): Heathcliff, a melancholy and aging recluse, lives just long enough to walk his daughter Catherine down the aisle to marry the son that he’d always wanted…

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