What Kind of Reader Are You?


I loved reading this on Sara Letourneau’s blog, so thought I would ask this of my own followers…

Sara Letourneau

BookLikes recently asked readers via social media, “What kind of reader are you?” They did more than pose the question, though. Using a diagram, BookLikes broke down different reading habits and idiosyncracies so users could think about – and be amused by – how they read books. I thought the image was so funny yet true that I had to share it here!

What Kind of Reader Are You

So, what kind of reader am I? Well, I am a…

  • Monogamist: I prefer to give whatever story I’m reading my full and undivided attention, so I rarely read more than one book at a time.
  • Altruist: Looking for book recommendations? I’m always happy to offer some! I also like to give books as gifts to friends and family.
  • Introvert: Plot, dialogue, character development, writing style, small details – I notice and applaud (or scrutinize) everything. I also feel more connected to a story if I can relate to or empathize with the main character(s).
  • Extrovert: Huh?…

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