What Kind of Reader Are You?


I loved reading this on Sara Letourneau’s blog, so thought I would ask this of my own followers…

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BookLikes recently asked readers via social media, “What kind of reader are you?” They did more than pose the question, though. Using a diagram, BookLikes broke down different reading habits and idiosyncracies so users could think about – and be amused by – how they read books. I thought the image was so funny yet true that I had to share it here!

What Kind of Reader Are You

So, what kind of reader am I? Well, I am a…

  • Monogamist: I prefer to give whatever story I’m reading my full and undivided attention, so I rarely read more than one book at a time.
  • Altruist: Looking for book recommendations? I’m always happy to offer some! I also like to give books as gifts to friends and family.
  • Introvert: Plot, dialogue, character development, writing style, small details – I notice and applaud (or scrutinize) everything. I also feel more connected to a story if I can relate to or empathize with the main character(s).
  • Extrovert: Huh?…

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