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Creepy Boyfriend Contest: Edward Cullen vs Edward Rochester


I came across this last night and laughed out loud! And then got to thinking… So which romantic hero made you feel ‘eww’ instead of ‘ahh’? Have to say, I’m completely with Siamese on both Edwards – and would add Mr Knightley into the mix – Emma is SO wasted on him!

Musings on YA novels and pop culture

Well, I have finished Jane Eyre. For those of you who don’t know, Stephenie Meyer has counted Jane Eyre as a major influence in her work, so of course I read it. It was sitting around the house, so I thought, why not?

My relationship to Jane Eyre is nearly as ambivalent as my attitude to Twilight. Like Twilight, I read it when I was younger. Unlike Twilight, I still think the hero is a douche. I think I bailed right around the time Edward R. tried to trick Jane into a fake marriage (I had very little patience for Byronic antiheroes back then. I think I was like nine). So, Edward R. is douchier. I don’t think that can be disputed; he whines more in 500 pages than his vampire counterpart does in 2,500. Edward C. is just self-hating, but I don’t recall him blaming anyone else for his…

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