Daily Archives: November 25, 2014

The 7/7/7 Challenge


I thought I’d pick up the gauntlet thrown down by the wonderful Sara Letourneau. And the challenge? To pick up my work in progress – currently my short story Picky Eaters I’m hoping to self publish with the help of my pal Mhairi Simpson before Christmas – flick to the seventh page, go down to the seventh line and post the next seven sentences,manuscript though I’m going to give you the next seven lines, because my sentences are very short.

What you need to know is that Granddad, a rather grumpy dragon cursed with the gift of time travelling, has recently moved in with his daughter and is looking after the grandchildren while their parents are off on a mating flight…

Sammy Jo’s bright gaze skewered Granddad. “Mummy says after the mating flight, there’ll be an egg.” She tilted her head. “How does that happen?”

Yearning for good old-fashioned phrases, like ‘Wait and see’, Granddad’s mind blanked. “Um… you know the birds and bees?”

Her brow-ridge wrinkled. “Do they go on mating flights, too?”

Granddad’s desperate glance rested on Billy Bob’s mound of stones. “Well, there’s baby boulders…”

So… the question is – would you want to read the rest?