It’s Blog-Hopping Time!


Yippee! And many, many thanks to Sara for nominating me for keeping this blog-hop going! Needless to say, this will be my next big to-do task!

Sara Letourneau

Bunny Hop

Many thanks to Nick at The Parasite Guy for nominating me to take part in the current World Blog Hop! This turned out to be a fun exercise, and one that’s easy yet challenging. Easy because it involves only two steps:

  1. Answer five questions.
  2. Nominate two bloggers to continue the hop.

So, how is it challenging? Well, if you read the five questions that follow, you might know why. 😉 Here we go! 

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  1. You’re welcome, Sarah! 😀 And I apologize for not enabling comments with the original posting. Not sure how I forgot to check that. I’ve fixed it now if you’d still like to respond there.

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