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Review of Wild Justice – Book 3 of the Nadia Stafford trilogy by Kelley Armstrong


Kelley Armstrong has been a favourite author of mine ever since I stumbled across Bitten longer ago than I care to remember. I’ve reviewed Men of the Otherworld here and her first book in the intriguing new series, Omens here. Which was when I encountered this last book in the Nadia Stafford trilogy and scooped it up. I’d really enjoyed reading Exit Strategy and Made to be Broken – would I enjoy the final book as much?

wildjusticeEx-cop Nadia Stafford has a dark secret. After taking the law into her own hands, she was kicked off the force… and entered the shadowy world of guns for hire. She has her own strict code – works only for once crime family, only kills the really bad guys. But when a hit goes tragically wrong, Nadia is devastated. Is it time to leave the business for good?

This book hits the ground running and immediately pulled me right in. The intervening years since I’d read Made to be Broken rolled away and I was back in Nadia’s complicated world. Armstrong is very good at writing sympathetic characters I care for – and given Nadia’s chosen profession, that’s just as well…

Wild Justice has two main plotlines that cris-cross throughout the book and finally twine together to create a major climax. There is the hunt for a dark character who emerges from Nadia’s past and threatens to create havoc in her current life – and there is the ongoing issue of her on/off relationship with the gorgeous, but rather clingy Quinn. Would Nadia be able to make Quinn realise she never wanted to settle down and have a family?

Meantime, her mentor, Jack, who introduced her to the secret world of paid assassins, once more comes to her rescue when the old demons assail her and Quinn is still too angry to respond. So is by her side when it all kicks off… Which it certainly does. Armstrong manages to raise the stakes in this final book so that in dealing with this latest threat, Nadia also has to face her troubled past and come to terms with some major unresolved issues.

I was completely engrossed in this storyline and found myself reading waaay into the wee hours to find out what would happen next. It’s a compelling read – but if you manage to get hold of this book without reading at least one of the others in the series, don’t. Track down at least one of the others, first before tackling this one to do full justice to Nadia’s world.

It does everything you’d want from a final book in the series and I put it down with a sigh – before remembering that I still had the next book in the Cainsville series to look forward to…