Superimpose Saturday #9


Like Kirsten, I love my science fiction films – particularly if they’re well done. My favourites – ‘Moon’ and ‘Gattaca’… But ‘Interstellar sounds very promising. What are your favourites?

The Nerd Nebula

I can’t wait to see Interstellar! I’m obsessed with space travel and astronomy, as i’m sure most of you are too. The exciting lure of the unknown is too great to ignore. Matthew McConaughey will be planet-hopping in the partly solar-powered Endurance:

Endurance Endurance

I have chosen something a little more agile for my journey through space. I’m sure you recognize this space transporter:

X-Wing Starfighter X-Wing Starfighter

Jodie Foster is my favorite actress. She’s wonderfully talented and a great role model. However, i did not find her space adventure film (Contact) to be all that exciting. Her character ended up landing on a planet and was missing for a good 18 hours. There is a lot of speculation, as to what actually transpired during this scene. There was a lack of clarity around this in the film:

Contact Contact

Sci-fi fans are hoping that Interstellar has no such loopholes:

Interstellar Anticipation Interstellar Anticipation

Are you…

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  1. I’m itching to see “Interstellar”! Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite film directors (he’s also done “Inception,” “The Prestige,” and the three most recent Batman movies), so I’ve been looking forward to this as soon as the first trailer came out. Plus, I’ve heard a rumor that the new Hobbit trailer may play before “Interstellar” – and I’m wickedly excited for that movie, too! So I can’t wait to see this next Friday.

    Favorite science fiction films… I think “Inception” could be considered sci-fi, though it might be a stretch. I’ve also enjoyed the three original Star Wars movies, the recent Star Trek reboot, and the first Back To The Future.

  2. Oh yes! LOVE your choice of favourites:) Yeah… let’s include Inception, shall we? I also have some guilty pleasures – Galaxy Quest is WONDERFUL, I also really, really (to Himself’s intense disgust) ADORE Space Truckers and Earth Girls Are Easy…

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