Shoot for the Moon Challenge – August Roundup


This is the insane soaring goal setting cooked up between Mhairi Simpson and myself in the depths of December. moonThe theory is that even if we miss, we’ll still be better off than if we’d been sensible more timid. So at the end of August – is anything going to plan? At all?

Breathing Space juddered to a complete halt during August. Busy with the course notes, madly loom-banding for yet another challenge (a grannying one), and with family commitments swallowing up chunks of time, the novel writing didn’t happen. Whether I can easily get back into Jezell’s world after my initial struggles to get going remains to be seen.
Challenge – to have the first daft of Breathing Space completed by the end of September. Not a chance in hell. I’ll be lucky to get it completed by the end of October.

• I set this challenge in the firm belief that I wouldn’t achieve it – and am still on course to complete it with ease… The one that doesn’t really matter *sigh…*
Challenge – to write and publish 100 book reviews on my blog during 2014. I wrote 5 reviews in August, bringing my yearly total to 81 so far.

• I completed my course handouts for this coming term – just as well as we start back in a fortnight. It took a bit longer than usual due to a very busy start to the month. I still have the lesson plans to write, but hopefully that won’t take more than a couple of days concentrated work.
Challenge – to have written at least two sets of course notes for the next academic year by the end of the summer break. Nope. But I have got this coming term’s notes written.

• Nope. Total failure. Nuff said…
Challenge – submit all my unsold short fiction and poetry.

A really frustrating month writingwise. Although all sorts of good things happened as a wife and granny (we got to see Kate Bush in concert on the opening night, for instance…). I wrote 5,000 words in book reviews and blogs this month and 6,500 words on my Creative Writing course, taking my monthly writing total to a paltry 11,500 words and my yearly total so far to just under 195,000.

The only good news about August’s dismal showing is that it can only get better…

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